Bryan Guardado is a singer/songwriter from Pasadena, California that shares his musical faculties with a focus on Christian compositions in varying acoustic harmonies. After serving as a choir director for his local church, Bryan endeavored to spread a message of love, hope, and family through his music. As a recording artist, Bryan plays the majority of the instruments utilized in every recording to suitably convey the message he strives to get out into the world. In April 2010, Bryan debuted as a Christian artist with the prodigal son-themed album, "The Return of the Son," and shortly after released two holiday singles: "Closer Now" and "Shining Star". In October of 2013, his second album, "Reach and Recover", was released as a reminder to listeners of how we can reach and recover one another through God's nature. Today, Bryan strives to encourage and uplift listeners of all backgrounds at his performances, and will be releasing two studio projects based on the "Miracle" of life and traveling to your "Heartland".